Which Pays More Neo Gas Binance Or Kucoin?

Many investors these days are asking, which cryptocurrency pays more neo gas binance or kucoin? It is difficult to answer this question. This is because altcoins have their own features that differentiates them from each other. However, there exists a metric called Neo Gas Rate (NGR), which compares the similarity between these two cryptocurrencies in terms of the cost of running transactions over time. For instance, if the calculation shows that the NGR for NEO has almost almost reached half of another currency’s value in monthly transactions with minimum average fees per operation, then it means that one currency is comparable to Neo but does not pay more when it comes to fees.

NEO Gas Rate vs KuCoin Shares Comparison Chart

For example: If NEO Gas rate was 10M AVG per month in January 2018 and after some months changed into 13.76M AVG per month in July 2018 then how similar are KCS/NEO by considering NGRS? Is it Similar? Yes / 5 No / 0