Which Wallet Should I Use For Coindesk And Xrp?

I would go with coinbase. The only reason that I’m not is because, like you said it’s on an app called m once and their customer service is HORRIBLE. All I had to do was ask three questions on Reddit and get help within 5 minutes. They’re also one of the most respected companies in the space so there must be some truth to what they say about them being more secure. Plus, putting USD onto your account gets you faster transaction processing…



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Hero MemberActivity: 658Merit: 500 Re: Should I abandon Coinbase? July 09, 2017, 06:29:43 PM #2 Quote from: NiToXic on July 09, 2017, 04:14:25 AM Hi Coinsquare! First of all thanks for this awesome platform! Already did 10+ trades just using their trading widget – which is pretty cool 🙂 One question though – should i use coinsquare or coindesk for receiving btc if i want to buy xrp/btc at a much cheaper rate? What wallet should i use for coindesk and xrp?

cointaotao has a very nice BETA UI where you can log in from any country around the world as long as its supported by Paypal – normally this means USA but does’nt it mean South Africa as well? In my case