Why Are My Orders On Binance Taking Too Long?

I have all my funds in GDAX. So what are the steps I need to take? Please help me…

If you search on YouTube for “How To Buy NEOs” you will see many guides but they are very wordy and explain nothing (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U44PW7k4fsI). This is a bad impression of what we plan to do – give an answer – not make more questions! There promise must be simple and easy! Will we lose our money if we buy with credit cards (fees etc.)? Paypal gives fees right? Does anyone know why at BTC-E it says “The Service of Bitcoin Deposits Is Suspended” after buying some bitcoin or am I wrong?

Alun Hill of Societe Generale believes that this so-called aggressive action by cryptos can create a flurry and usher in more investor interest before the regulatory climate becomes more accommodating: “This has led investors, retail and institutional alike, to consider cryptocurrencies as an asset class first and foremost, rather than as a currency i.e., alternative currencies or payment systems,” he said. “As such, there may be quick gains only to find out that governments aren’t far behind with their own set of strict regulations or policies.”

As one who is coming from the investing community, I cannot stress enough how important it is to not treat