Why Are Some Altcoins Suspended On Binance??

I’m not sure if xmainer mentions this, but today he posted an official Discord announcement. Somebody should take a screenshot of what was said because it makes for good reading!

Bitcoin price charts can be stored on your blockchain explorer. This web based application displays the latest information about the bitcoin network status, including all transactions being sent out. There are some serious benefits to keeping track of stats with this program which is why many cryptocurrency enthusiasts use blockchain explorers to follow recent developments in the industry at their own pace, or bookmark them on their desktop computers for quick lookup purposes while connecting to different networks over the internet.

If there’s any doubt whether rising supplies will lead to rising prices, just look at Ethereum’s performance last year when they launched ICOs while prices were still low. On six occasions during 2017 ETH rose more than 1,000% in both directions after launching new tokens—but as soon as that momentum started to slow down ETH dropped 80% before rebounding later. It bears repeating: cryptocurrencies are volatile; don’t put all your eggs in one basket and invest too much into any given currency. If every prediction tracks exactly how it did last month feel free to shrug off this fact another month has passed by!