Why Did Ripple Xrp All Of A Sudden Gain Price??

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Thanks for the reply!This is a great guide and helped me understand more about XRP/XRP and how to buy some!My goal was to learn about it go mine but I don’t have enough time at the moment to continue on with that plan and still finish planc2’s course which I am currently onI will start buying some more Tix asap so there really is no need for me to invest anything more than what I can holdDo you think we’ll see bitcoin sell-off soon? Or do you think we’ll continue the bull market?

Wow… this is brilliant stuff OP!! When i first read what was going on between my portfolio pages they didn’t show XRP at all!! That was strange! After following this guide i now see it clearly!!! Thanks man!!!! You’ve made my day xD Would love a link to your youtube channel Just curious if you ever upload an episode that helps people “trade”…. they dont call them crypto trading cards for nothing… especially during times of panic!! Sellers tend not to want too often…=) But its good info ion they can watch what happens from their own screen lol Lol real talk my friend My team mate says not too long ago he went over his 100btc maxed out limit aka “red card”