Why Did They Create A 20 Xrp Limit To Open Wallet?

It obviously does not work of they can’t create new wallets. Or am i wrong? Come on guys, do a few tests before answering a question



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NewbieActivity: 26Merit: 0 Re: [ANN][XRP] Ripple Speculation March 03, 2017, 05:40:36 PM #9822 Quote from: btcbuterka on March 03, 2017, 04:09:57 PM Why did the dev team decide to limit each node’s max number of accounts in an attempt to prevent the same bad actors from taking over nodes and starting 51% attacks in the future? I suspect that this is another reason that they will not allow for 51% miner attack protection. If I’m right about this statement be my guest and update me with better answers than ‘no we don’t want them’ or ‘it would introduce security issues’. You could answer it with any tech you like but tech doesn’t always suggest good decisions. For instance XMR provides by default all sorts of tech lots of devs hate because its so simple lots even more tech also exists which solves many issues but if people were so anti-tech there would be no Bitcoin or Ethereum. I think most people here agree that just about anyone should be able to run a full node and not just 3 groups who control enough power to change / break things. I believe you want everyone running full nodes because your