Why Do Bitcoin Exchanges Have Different Prices?

What if I want to trade fiat money for bitcoin? What do I need to know?

If your income is solely in bitcoins, make sure to reference the best cryptocurrency exchange rates. If you are looking at buying some other digital currency with government issued cash, be sure you get a quote from multiple sources so that you can compare costs and fees. There are different exchanges out there for these purposes such as Bitfinex and Poloniex. We also offer price alerts so that we can keep our customers informed of market fluctuations which may affect value over time.

How do I buy bitcoins using PayPal? How much will it cost me?

If you already have an account on an international Bitcoin exchange then this should work just fine. You will need to transfer some fiat money into your account and then use that funds to purchase crypto coins on the exchange that’s listed here (it varies depending on the exchange). Most exchanges will allow its customers to deposit funds wirelessly by way of various payment processors such as Coinbase or Western Union (some private venues like ATM’s might not accept such transfers). The problem with many payment processors is that they charge high fees, up to 10% during some times of year but more likely around 2-5%. For example: A transaction fee of 1$ per transaction is usually charged when sending money internationally; while a fee of 1-3% is taken from each incoming and outgoing transfers. This puts small business owners in a difficult position: