Why Does Binance Not Show My Coins On Available Balance Vs Current Balance?

I’m logged in to my BTC-e account, but my current balance on the home screen is 0. How do you know it’s not stucked in an old block?

Even if you are extremely safe with your wallet, there is still a risk of losing coins. If this had happened to me, I would want very sure that all my coins are accounted for before I made any transactions. The only way I knew they were fully accounted for was through some sort of blockchain record showing what addresses contain which coin and when they were last moved.

So how can we possibly be uncertain about where our bitcoins are at any given moment? Some people say “just use a different address each time.” But let’s consider the problem from another angle: why would anyone need multiple addresses at all? It seems like an unwieldy system unless one has lots of different projects going on and must copy money between projects frequently and needs separate balances for them. And then we waste even more space if we have to include both that address and its change history (which may be substantial). Why not just hash that bitstring directly again, instead of wasting space like this? The method proposed does make asking permission much more costly than otherwise (by adding entropy to future outputs). For instance, when querying the blockchain forethoughtfully one might challenge by having someone load their private key into your computer until you answer correctly or challenge them via PGP public key fingerprints by e-mail