Why Does It Take So Long To Send Money To Binance?

— Regarding transfer of BTC to Binance —

For any transfers over 0.1 BTC (or equivalent in your coins), please make sure you set up a Trezor wallet first before completing the transaction. If you haven’t already, follow these steps:


You must also grab bitcoins or ETH on another online web service that supports Bitcoin Cash transactions (e.g., Coinbase). You then need to send the coins from the other user’s account to your own BCH address on Trezor, so they will show up as incoming transactions on Binance’s block explorer once you go through with the transfer process. Once all this is done, it will only take a couple minutes for us to review your request and generally have it ready for deposit within 15 minutes after verification of funds has been completed by our platform operators. We may even have it completed sooner if we are able to source new funding instantly which allows betting on outcomes without having funds held up, since there are no waiting periods between deposits on our platform until withdrawals are initiated by users via their accounts on Binance Exchange or by using their corresponding deposit addresses sent by email upon registration within 24 hours of receiving notification of deposited funds being allocated for balances accordingly upon prior payment confirmation receipt of withdrawal request submitted at https://support.binanceexchange dot org . Please note that new deposits are usually