Why Doesn’T The Value I See On Kraken For Xrp Match What Other Websites Show?

Fiat just going up because it’s a store for bitcoin? Or is BTC going up because of something else.

This article highlights one possible reason:

http://www.ccn.com/keynes-theory-bitcoin-no-longer-undervalued/ This article highlights one possible reason: https://blockchain.info/charts/miners 02500 BTC = 1 USD

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LegendaryActivity: 1106Merit: 1001 Re: “A plea for agorism and the economics of secrecy” (Rand) May 18, 2013, 02:21:19 AM #12 Quote from: franky1 on May 17, 2013, 09:34:53 PM central banks and big corporations did not create bitcoin and won’t destroy it! They will play an interesting role in this planet’s future but that aside people should remember that these groups are already part of our economic system. To go completely against everything they’ve taught us about finance over the past hundred years would be insane indeed.. It holds such little reward to such significant effort that any sane person would likely conclude that there must be some other way we can self govern without starting anew with our own form of currency… I believe its wise to study history so we can navigate what will happen in the upcoming technological revolution and how to best deal with these changes.. Bitcoins helped pull us out of