Why Dont People Buy Xrp On Binance And Sell In Korean Value?

what is it?



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Sr. MemberActivity: 384Merit: 268 Re: Binance Info Thread September 22, 2017, 03:20:11 AM #25 The volume of money on Binance is very large because there are lots of US$ sellers who want to sell the coins at times cheaper than coinmarketcap.com. So I think that’s why you see big volume on Binance compared to other exchanges.. Among other things also because bittrex decided that they control the fees too much and started charging for withdraws even if people remove all trade fees, which makes it nearly impossible to cash out your cryptocurrencies). If you’re talking about binance being used by Korean traders there’s so many Korean accounts on binancet-exchange aggregating Korean worldcoin markets, but no one cashed them out…withdrawals are slowly migrating over to binance thoughI guess.