Why Is Chainlink Transfer Fee So High On Binance?

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~~~When I first started looking at the numbers involved in getting onto binance, I realized no matter what network I used, I had to pay a certain percentage of my deposit. The problem with most people is they dont realize this. So users continue to make stupid decisions with their funds by placing them on exchanges with large fees(gas). To some people gas seems like free money but you need to consider that these exchanges require some sort of collateral just like any other market place does. This means you will have gain or loss of value once you move your coins into an exchange. These are called Bitcoins/BTCs and the exchanges charge something called “Gas” for transaction verification so they can move your coins around which is why its added as % fee on your transaction number on the blockchain only visible when you look up amounts/transactions online or if someone sends it to you via email or text message# # # # # # .Hope this helps everyone who has been confused about gas fees on exchanges!!If there are any questions please feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter @Naby_kala Read more about it here https://blog.binance.com/#!/tasks-and-challenges-with-utxo/95155739