Why Is Gatehub Holding 50 Xrp When I Have No Trust Lines Open?

it’s been a few days that i got hold of my xrp from gatehub. why is it that they are still holding 50 USD(?haha) when i have no trust lines open with them. I’ve sent a ticket out to support, but either way, i guess its better to get it back before the tiny amounts go away completely. what should I do to get this useless addresses removed?



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Full MemberActivity: 235 Re: [ANN] [GHR] Ghash.IO and Merged Mining – New 1% fee BTC+NMC Pool April 10, 2014, 01:44:49 AM #906 Quote from: ghashboy on April 09, 2014, 11:53:35 PM so does everybody else think its time for a change here? what would be a good idea for a new pool operator/developer who wants to take over this project? i think there has been enough complaints about the 15% fee by gatehub while all other pools have much lower fees! im thinking about gigabigbtc which is free direct btc mining at 8 mhash/s right now… anything is fine as long as we can keep stable 2-3 % fee per day or so!

I agree with ghashboy 100%. It sucks getting stuck behind someone with terrible technical skills and business savvy (but huge bankroll). It’s especially embarrassing when