Why Is Internet Computer Crypto Going Down?


It’s an electrical issue in which your computer or network can’t utilize electricity because of the amount of people using them at once. I’m not sure exactly what’s blocking the electricity, but if multiple computers are all trying to upload to the server at once it could be what is causing this effect. You could always wait for every other user since every other person will try to schedule their upload when they get back online in 20 minutes. It happens in chess games too! The name servers go down and no one gets in/out of the game until someone times out or pays up? Is that you?My 2cts.I don’t know why you keep asking irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with reality, nor how come it seems like you’re making everything into a robot here, butthanks for chiming in on my behalf! For some reason lately every time I post on this thread I run into someone who goes from zero support from others and almost positive denials from staff about my situation ,and acts like he knows more than everyone else there, even though he’s been having this problem for months,,it sucks though,,it makes me think twice before opening a new topic..