Why Is My Crypto Tied Up On Binance?

they are your exchange.

if you are looking for privacy, then look somewhere else. but if you are wanting to open an account and can’t afford a bank account or want something simple with zero hassel/fee, the public exchanges are definitely the way to go

Quote from: cbeast on March 30, 2017, 11:54:43 PM Well I need some Sort Of Privacy And No Fees So These Are The Options I’m Looking At Right Now. Do Any of these Exchanges Offer Both? Or Does Anyone Know If There Is A New Exchange Coming Out My List Seems To Be Pretty Long….

Binance isnt the only option suckers have heard about. they have 500+ altcoin pairs. their fees are .1%… which i might agree is steep especially for market orders… but its still worth it imo! thats why its my favorite exchange

Quote from: cbeast on March 30, 2017, 11:54:43 PM Ok thanks guys i appreciate this information will be using all of it very soon! Lets keep each other updated on any new developments that happen with Exchanges. Thanks Again Guys ! ! ! ! ! ! !! Look into Airbitz firstly see if they accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin , ethereum ectBitfinex is pretty much strictly trading BTC/USD (and some others)EtherDelta is quite popular as well however their fees make mining more worthwhile than actually buying