Why Is The Crypto Market So Immature Xrp?



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Hero MemberActivity: 924Merit: 500 Re: why is the crypto market so immature? October 15, 2017, 02:11:17 PM #15 Quote from: reb0rn on October 15, 2017, 12:06:07 PM I mean they are not getting any value for them. Ok if you have 10k you can sell it at what price ? You will just piss away that xrp with seller protection fees and taxes…. And no one wants to buy off someone online with a bunch of XRP. Then they are just dumping them for free on coinmarketcap etc … stop being dumb about the whole thing… don’t glue it up till all of these things become useful or something useful happen. It is only shit now.. so cheap.. cheap.. cheap.. cheap… too many scams… too much pumping… XRP is amazing !!!! Does anyone see the future here ?????? No !!!!!! How bout you !??? So let’s just continue to use this shit cryptocurrency until we fucking need a new one !!!!! It has potential but this price keeping going down doesn’t help anything else at all I think…… Quite sad really !! The guy who said 40$ after 7 days shall be disappointed again ……… T_T “It means absolutely nothing” without liquidity Yeah sure….. Who will buy at 16$ ?