Why Is Xrp A Good Investment Vs Bitcoin?

When you buy xrp, so does someone else. The reason why xrp is a good investment for future miners and investors is the blockchain would be used by large companies such as Amazon so miners can earn more revenue from their computers. An example of this is AMD makes a lot of money from mining crypto currencies while Intel does not. With a lot of demand to use the coin ripple , it will rise in value.

What steps to buy XRP?

Buying XRP is really easy on Bitstamp if you want to invest in Ripple . In order to get started with buying Ripple you should log into your exchange account and add the trading pair XRP-BTC or another one that suits you best, paste your order details at www.coinmarkets.net/categories/BTC_XRP_BTC explain to them how much amount of BTC should be bought and when they will send Bitcoins to your exchange account after which you should just wait for patiently until Bitstamp sends them or simply follow these steps : “1) Sign up on https://coinmarkets.net 2) Create your wallet 3) Fund 4) Transfer 5 HODL!”