Why Is Xrp Crashing When There Is So Much Good News?

The reason the Chinese are buying now is not because they think it’s chasing or will soon crash. They are buying because they have entered a phase of rapid growth, which very quickly creates massive government debt problems. This is exactly what happened in Japan, Germany and so many other countries that were dependent on their exports to China. The Chinese central bank just announced that they are now aiming to slow down money printing by cutting interest rates by 50 bps in July.

The Fed has told us over and over again that there inflation is low but low enough for them to raise rates. They said the same thing about the housing market bubble popping and deflation fears before it had even started. Now we’re at nearly full employment with companies like Goldman Sachs advising people to withdraw 4% out of their savings accounts every month (while keeping spending up). So of course there needs to be something bad happening sooner or later before we realise we need higher interest rates – FASTER – than ever – JUST LIKE THE CHINESE!!

When you look at all these negative developments coming together, nobody should EVER panic and everybody SHOULD be preparing! Don’t worry guys, I’m all for hanging on until next year…