Why Is Xrp On Binance 30 Cents Lower Than Elsewhere?

So now that all the excitement is out of the way, let’s find out…

The History Behind Binance Coin (BNB) and Cryptocurrencies as a Whole

In 2009, programmer Changpeng Zhao launched a blockchain based exchange with the intention to allow people to trade very small amounts of Bitcoin for significantly reduced fees. Fast forward 10 years later and cryptocurrencies are now worth $8 trillion worldwide. To prove the true value of his project, Zhao decided to launch his own exchange called Binance in 2017. The vision driving him was nothing less than world domination by helping grow an entire new industry. Since then, Binace has managed to achieve just that goal while simultaneously building up one of the most powerful exchanges on earth. Along this journey they have developed one of the best deposit/ Withdrawal methods available today, reduced cryptocurrency trading fees drastically across their platform and partnered up with 2 big name digital asset companies like Coinbase and KyberNetwork who both happily agree that Binance is indeed TOP NOTCH! They also recently announced new features like fiat-to-crypto pairings which makes it extremely easy for mainstream users to buy crypto. All these things combined make us feel like you’d be crazy not to join them on their journey! However… there are some people who won’t take no for an answer! There are some skeptics out there about this coin (and many others) since its success can be attributed solely to speculation causing