Why The Crypto Market Is Down Today?

Today is an important day. The prices of all major cryptocurrencies are falling after the conference, which took place in Brooklyn, New York yesterday. Instead of talking about each asset individually, let’s see what happened at the conference together with bitcoin cash price chart for this week…

Yesterday was a turning point in the history of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Three years ago they were trying to avoid blocksize limits by using alternative ABC system. However, they failed and it became BCH through hardfork only on November 15th 2017. After that many new forks came up but two most notable ones are Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision) and BitcoinABC (Bitcoin ABC).

Bisq technology agent platform is now supporting 5 BTC-based currencies besides bitcoin CASH: ADA/BTC/ARDR/ETC/LTC & TPAYTUBITCOIN) pic.twitter.com/0JdKlq3i7m — Bisq (@bisq_network) 11 октября 2018 г.