Why Xrp Has The Best Chance Of Mass Adoption??



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Hero MemberActivity: 588Merit: 500 Re: The best cryptocurrency to invest in? April 17, 2017, 01:41:58 AM #1945 Quote from: Mamato on October 12, 2016, 03:20:06 PM Coinbase probably the most trusted wallet. It has a great reputation via word of mouth and can make you rich if you follow it’s advice. Things like margin trading are very easy to understand and the company is well funded to boot. Sygnores that people have been killed by their accounts getting hacked, its only natural that there will be fees for storing your coins on an exchange. That said I would personally use a hardware wallet if available as i see it as a long term investment even at this stage in bitcoin’s development as the price will only go up over time now why doubt anyone thought so now ? Once bitcoin reaches $100k+ those who bought now at $1k-10k stand to lose far more than they “won” so this title was created with someone exactly like you in mind i believe io is much better right now but we need another altcoin champion …. but Im not one yet!! My point was just to say we shouldn’t jump off a cliff just because we fear taking risks and that investing into something chosen properly makes us giggle etc.. There’s many ways to skin a cat . I don