Why Xrp Will Be Priced Higher If Used For Cross Boarder Payments?



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Sr. MemberActivity: 434Merit: 250 Re: Ripple and Bitcoin May 17, 2013, 08:28:31 PM #21 Quote from: davidonpda on May 15, 2013, 09:53:25 AM btcjpy is stupid. Just use xrlp for ripples and throw away the lfw. I really think ripple will be successful as long as they can manage to avoid some of these problems that seem to exist everywhere there seems to be a new venture coin entering the scene, with most if not all following almost identical ideologies. The problem is most others seem to go very astray from the original intent of each coins economic design and development efforts make a coin valuable by use if only a limited number of people want it enough to put more effort into earning xrps rather than selling it back for whatever amount you got in return due to the not so viable store of value aspect..

So at first glance its seems like everyone has had alot on their minds as far as keeping their crypto project alive as far as doing an honest best they can for those dear supporters who wish they could give more after seeing how it works out but then again users would have been snuffed out since those early adopters claim that there was no sense putting forth even small amounts since average time scale wasn’t sufficient enough… Its a circular argument… maybe BTC