Will Nano Go Down When Binance Closes Reddit?

It is very convenient for traders to get new info on the go by reading news. The announcements of confirmed listings on all leading cryptocurrency exchanges are available here. This list is updated every couple of days, so check back often if you want to be notified whenever your favorite exchange becomes operational again! Of course, it will be hard for all of us if we have to wait years for their listing. So, our entire community told them Hard Fork was not the way they should proceed with their project.Binance has stated that although there were issues with listing on Binance Exchange initially, they believe this obstacles had less to do with traditional problems like unstable teams or CEOs and more to do with anticipated influence from the Chinese government https://t.co/Qzjzmes5Uz — CZ (not giving crypto away) (@cz_binance) May 16, 2018 Hard forks are some kind of code update in which measures like removing preexisting blocks or creating some fresh blocks are implemented in order to secure aspects like scalability and efficiency improvements. We’re pretty sure that Hard Fork will come sooner than later! In fact, Blockchain CEO claimed that they would launch the IOI ERC-20 token swap right after deleting major ICO investors from their team: “We will remove almost 8% from people who committed fraud at one point” What does it mean? Merely four months after making a public call demanding coins leaving Binance during a hard fork