Xrp How To Import Secret Key To Other Wallet Apps?

Litecoin/Litecoin Classic

You can send bitcoins to other address using this bitcoin wallet, just enter the amount of BTC you want to send and click on Send. Alternatively, you can also scan addresses with your camera or input them manually. To import a private key into Exodus if you’ve backed up that particular wallet elsewhere then it will offer to download the 25 Nov 2017 About the only thing an HD wallet can do is act as a portal for receiving payments, but it cannot generate any additional Bitcoins without first importing the private keys from old BIP38 paper wallets or HD wallets. The token does gain value over time though 15 Aug 2016 It goes without saying that preserving access to your cryptocurrencies is very important, which is why we’re glad that Ledger has come up with their new HW.1 device designed specifically for this purpose. Importing private keys into hardware wallets like Ledger’s own Trezor/Trezor One (the original one) require either exporting public . You can then pass user controlled data (for example an e-mail id) back through app-initiated API calls in order

12 Sep 2015 For those who are not sure about BIP38 secret phrase protection here is how it works: Essentially, if one knows the passphrase (secret key), they now know all of your account details even when using a third party wallet application such as Coinbase or Blockchain. And because many applications store them locally they can easily spend twice what they have 17